As combat wounded Marine without my closest friends (brothers) by my side I was forced to overcome depression and PTSD to maintain a positive healthy lifestyle. By sharing my story I hope to offer tools I use to help me find a purpose in a family unit rather than a combat zone. From my transition to civilian life, the emotionally dark places I have traveled through to get to the place I am today and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My story will not only help Veterans but anyone who battles depression and PTSD.

Join me in my journey to a healthier life free of anguish and fear.



Coming from a small farming town, I became a Marine forced to battle big issues. Growing up I had no real sense of purpose; but found that the day I joined the Marine Corps. I was a part of some amazing units such as the 2nd Amphibious Assault Bn and 2nd Reconnaissance Bn. My lifelong best friend and I joined the Marines together, went through boot camp and recon indoctrination together.  We both served 4 years upon returning home got a place together. Once home we both felt a void and we sought out opportunities to go fight again. This time serving in separate units. I led a scout team with an amazing reserve unit out of Richmond, VA where I served with some great Marines. After our unit took numerous hits, my final hit was Aug. 30th of 2006 I was wounded and sent off to rehabilitate a traumatic brain injury. After returning home I self-medicated with alcohol and went through a dark time losing relationships that I valued, I was at my lowest point. Back to feeling that I had no purpose. Just when I thought it could not get any worse I found out that my lifelong best friend whom I had started this journey with was murdered. By a fellow Marine that he had been going through PTSD treatment with. After choosing not to lose myself again, I learned techniques to find a healthy place that I continue to thrive in. My healing is a everyday choice that I make, it is never been a war won but rather a battle needing to be continuously fought. By sharing my story I’m making it my mission to show and discuss with others what has helped me through these extremely dark times and how I now maintain a loving relationship with my family and friends. My story will not only help Veterans but all who battle depression and PTSD. Join me in my journey to a healthier life free of anguish and fear.


My goal in speaking is to reach out to Universities, corporations, and smaller groups to help them understand what the PTSD warning signs are and how they can help. I’ve helped supervisors learn what to look for when hiring Veterans as well as helped Veterans keep their jobs by educating their bosses. We aren’t angry or hateful people, we are just trying to adjust and be a part of something greater. I would love to come speak to your group and share my story so that one day others can identify these struggles and with that possibly save a life. Twenty-two Veterans commit suicide each day and my goal is to destroy that number. Thank you for your interest and dedication to understanding why we are who we are.